Blu Mist Restaurant and Bar

An intriguing twist.

Emerging in Eugene May 2017.

You're Always Welcome at Blu Mist

Opening May 2017 At

1400 Valley River Drive
Suite 130
Eugene, OR 97401

Now Hiring!

Blu Mist is now accepting applications for positions at Front/Back of the house.

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Discover What Awaits You in the Blu Mist…

Let us transform your idea of Asian cuisine with an exciting new fusion of popular tastes and dishes: a reinvention of food and drink known as Blu Mist Restaurant and Bar. Beckoning you with a distinctly different experience.

Allow yourself to wander off the usual restaurant road. Awaiting you are home-tested recipes prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients that turn traditional Asian dishes delightfully upside down.

Like the majestic mountains of Thailand — and the nearby Willamette River — that inspired our name, Blu Mist is a refreshing culinary and social oasis from the commercial restaurant/bar fare and atmosphere.

No stranger to cooking with flair, our founder, Arna Khongkhaning, continues the family tradition of doing things with distinction. His Ta Ra Rin restaurants have served Eugene and Springfield since 2004. Arna now proudly brings you an intriguing twist and evolution of those traditional flavors that you've come to love over the years.

We invite you to try Blu Mist — and mix it up a little. Or a lot. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy a dining and drinking experience that’s curiously, and welcomingly, familiar.